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  • ‘The ideal shotgun battery’ by Nick Hahn (Purdey, Lang, Garbi)  
  • ‘Rub o’ the green’ by Don Whittaker (pigeon shooting)
  • ‘Double back in Africa - Pt 2 - The Mamili in October’ by Timothy Carney (Holland & Holland .500/.450)
  • ‘Twelve bore with a twist’ by Sherman Bell (W.W. Greener Facile Princeps 1892 shotgun to rifle conversion)
  • ‘Addendum to ‘Finding out for myself’ pts 3 and 4’ by Sherman Bell (Ammunition loading with Teflon sleeves)
  • ‘Book Review’ by James Fender (The Best of Holland & Holland, by Michael McIntosh and Jan Roosenburg)
  • ‘Parker no. 30203’ by Tom Schiffer (Annie Oakley)
  • ‘Book Review’ by James Fender (Shotgun Technicana by Michael McIntosh & David Trevallion)
  • ‘Merkel 240E Cape gun’ by Bernard H. DiGiacobbe, M.D.
  • ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. Beretta!’ by Michael G. Sabbeth
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co. - pt 1’ by Tom Archer
  • ‘The Original Parker Bros. damascus finishing process’ by Oscar L. Gaddy
  • ‘A jungle gun for the 21st century’ by Steve Bodio (Darne)
  • ‘Wanted for wildfowl shooting’ by William W. Headrick (A.H. Fox DE grade 20 gauge)
  • ‘Hunting in the heartland’ by Stuart M. Williams (Ithaca Classic Double 6E, and Rigby 20 bores, Westley Richards, Parker)
  • ‘Better late than never’ by Bill Ferguson (Alex Henry rifles in .450, and .500 , 1880s)
  • ‘Henri Pieper’s shotguns’ by Bill Wise
  • ‘The Millennium Model 21 - and the new C.S.M.C. / Galazan’ by Edward E. Ulrich (Winchester)

Spring 2003 (Digital) Vol.14

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