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  • ‘With Double Rifle & Powder Flask In Africa’ by Ira Lewis (Pedersoli Kodiak)
  • ‘In A Class Unto Themselves’ by William W Headrick (Darne)
  • ‘British Doubles From A to Z — Part 14’ by Sherman Bell (Purdey, Westley Richards)
  • ‘The Swedish Taste, Flodman / Caprinus & Volvo’ by Fredrik Franzén  ‘Why Parker?’ by Ed Muderlak
  • ‘Hunting the Nicaraguan Quail’ by Carlos Schmidt
  • Vejprty / Weipert in Bohemia by Felix Neuberger
  • ‘A Paradox Goes To Africa’ by Roger Lake & David J. Baker (Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Ansley's Final Contribution’ by William W. Headrick (Fox XE grades)
  • Ithaca — Quality Since 1880, TheIthaca company 1901 - 1906’ by                     James T. Tyson (Winchester Supreme, Remington 300 Ideal, Winchester Model 21, Browning, AyA, Parker)
  • ‘Shooting Driven Red-Legged Partridges In Spain’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘The Year Of The .577, Elk hunting with the Big Express’ by Ross Seyfried (Holland & Holland, P. Webley, Reilly)
  • ‘A Multinational Gun’ by Bill Ferguson
  • ‘The Horsley Sequel’ by David J. Baker

Spring 2002 (Print) Vol.13



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