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  • 'The Last Deer Drivers' by Ileana Strauch
  • 'Into Thin Air' by William W. Headrick
  • 'Finding Out For Myself, Part 4, the forgotten tens' by Sherman Bell (Scott Premiere, W&C Scott, Charles Daly, Westley Richards, Parker, G.E. Lewis, W.W. Greener, Beretta Silver Hawk, James Erskine)
  • 'Winchester Model 21s, A good investment' by Edward E. Ulrich
  • 'The Owen 4-Bore Hammerless Double Rifle' by D. J.  Alissandratos
  • 'A File Full of Horslevs' by David J. Baker
  • 'The John Charles Linneman Lefever Optimus Grade' by Tom Archer
  • 'Fratelli Rizzini Model R-3' by Peter Matthias
  • 'Doubles With A Difference' by Ross Seyfried (Darne, Needham, Woodward, Horsley, Whitworth)
  • 'Number 35' by David J. Noreen (A.H. Fox)
  • 'Book Review' by James Fender (Purdey Gun & Rifle Makers: the Definitive history by Donald Dallas)
  • 'The English Taste, Part 6, Atkin Grant & Lang & MG/Austin Healey' by Fredrik Franzén
  • 'Geoffrey Smith, Sculptor' by Michael Sabbeth
  • 'Duck & Pheasant Shooting In Hungary' by Stuart M. Williams
  • 'Nyati Possessed!' by Keith Kearcher (Zimbabwe buffalo safari, Joseph Lang .450)
  • 'Ithaca Quality Since 1880, a single, a double and a repeater' by James Tyson
  • 'The Double Guns of Olin-Kodensha' by W.R. Hammond (Winchester Model 101, Model 23, Model 201, and Parker reproductions)
  • 'One For Bill's Sake' by Colin McLagan (L.C. Smith - A3)

Spring 2001 (Print) Vol.12



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