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  • 'British Doubles From A to Z ~ Part 10' by Sherman Bell (Rifles by Purdey, Holland & Holland, Westley Richards)
  • “Raw Talent' by William W. Headrick (Stevens Model 311)
  • 'The First Remington “Special” by Charles Semmer
  • 'Captain Blackett’s Game Gun' by Peter Kogut (Army and Navy, Webley & Scott)
  • 'Greener On The Other Side Of The Hill' by David J. Baker (W.W. Greener and family)
  • 'Uncle Dan No. 1356' by Keith Kearcher (Lefever)
  • ‘Three Fine Francottes' by W.R. Hammond
  • 'Quintessential Quality, Pt 1, Featuring half of this unique Parker Bros. A-1 Special Collection' by William W. Headrick
  • 'A Cornucopia of Turkish Delights' by Stuart Williams
  • ‘The Kingdom of Beretta' by Michael G. Sabbeth
  • 'Twelve-Bore Rifles, with notes on how to become friends with black powder' by Ross Seyfried (Hollis, Westley Richards, Boss)
  • 'German Over and Under Double Rifles' by Fredrick Franzén
  • 'Why Should I Buy A Fox Gun?' by Tom Kidd
  • 'Joseph Tonks ~ Boston' by William O. Achtermeier

Spring 2000 (Digital) Vol.11

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