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  • ‘The Beretta SO3EELL and SO6EESS’ by Michael Sabbeth
  • ‘British Doubles From A To Z - Part 5’ by Sherman Bell (Pape, Purdey, Paton, S.M. Patrick, Wm. Powell & Son)
  • ‘Ithaca #73483: The Gift’ by Keith Kearcher and Paul Diegel
  • ‘Sheyenne Valley Lodge’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘The Gun Deal’ by Paul A. Vesco, Jr
  • ‘A Three-Ring Circus’ by Tom Kidd (An unusual Fox)
  • Book Review by David Baker of Nigel Brown’s ‘London Gunmakers’
‘The English Taste: Holland & Holland - Jaguar’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Smoothbore Smorgasbord’ by William W. Headrick (Ithaca Flues 16 gauge, Parker VH, A.H. Fox C grade, Hunter Arms Fulton, Winchester Model 21, Philadelphia Arms Co.)
  • Book review by Jim Fergus of Douglas Tate’s ‘Birmingham Gunmakers’.    
  • ‘A Closer Look At The Lowly Spaniard’ by David P. De Pew (Dakin Model 219, Grulla)
  • ‘The First Shot At Elk Song, a rifle that could talk’ by Ross Seyfried (E.M. Reilly)
  • ‘The Parker Try-Gun’ by Les Fiver
  • ‘The Seven-Patent Scott’ by David J. Baker
  • ‘Ithaca Quality Since 1880’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘Robert Schrader: An Ingenious German Inventor’ by Dr. Martin Moog
‘More Remington Information’ by Charles Semmer

Spring 1998 (Digital) Vol.9

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