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  • ‘Three Derelict Doubles’ by Spence Dupree (L.C. Smith Specialty Grade, WinchesterModel 21 custom grade, Parker brothers DH grade)
  • ‘The Sporting Life’ by Michael Sabbeth (Holland & Holland ‘Sporting’ Model, Ruger Red Label 12 gauge, Perazzi Mirage, Beretta SO5, Grulla Model 215, Merkel 200 SC sporting Clays, Prazzi MX8
  • ‘The Color Case-hardening of Firearms — Part 2’ by Oscar L. Gaddy
  • ‘At Del Grego's — Part 2, A day in the life of the keepers of the Parker flame’ by Kevin McCormack
  • ‘Then and Now’ by Vic Venters (Watson Bros)
  • ‘Alexander Henry...Returning Home’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘The Order at Great Expectations’ by Buz Fawcett (Vintagers, Order of Edwardian Gunners)
  • ‘British Doubles From A To Z - Part 3’ by Sherman Bell (Alexander Henry, Holland & Holland, W&C Scott, I.Hollis & Sons)
  • ‘The End of the Line’ by Tom C. Kidd (A.H. Fox)
  • ‘Purdey & Rolls Royce — The English Taste — Part 3’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘A Driven Bird’ by Margaret & Worth Mathewson
  • ‘’Beach Probers and Webfeet: Traditions In Continuum’ by William W. Headrick (W. & C. Scott, W.W. Greener)
  • ‘The Writing of The Parker Story’ by CDR Roy Gunther
  • ‘The Grand Americans’ by Charlie Price (Winchester Model 21)
  • ‘The Tobin Arms Manufacturing Company’ by David J. Noreen
  • ‘A Remington Conversion’ by Charles Semmer

Spring 1997 (Print) Vol.8

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