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  • ‘Daniel Fraser & Co.’ by Robin MacDonald Rolfe
  • ‘Hunting the quail of the marsh’ by Larry Brown
  • ‘Atkin, Grant & Lang Ltd., London’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Griffin & Howe’ by John Taylor
  • ‘Small bores revisited’ by Tom Kidd (20 gauge DE Grade Fox)
  • ‘Wonderful Argentina’ by Chris McGann
  • ‘Book review: Boothroyd’s directory of British Gunmakers’ by Larry Barnes
  • ’New life for old guns’ by Ross Seyfried (Greiss 16 bore, Reilly 16-bore and Purdey 12 bore)
  • ‘Arrieta’ by Michael McIntosh
  • ‘Waterfowling in Mexico’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Four hammerless guns that came before their time’ by David J. Baker (Green, Daw, Bacon, Needham)
  • ‘An especially special Special’ by William W. Headrick (Parker 16 gauge c.1930)
  • ‘Rapture on the Kaskattama’ by Dale Spartas
  • ‘Book review: Modern Sporting Guns’ by David J. Baker
  • ‘.577 Nitro Express’ by Sherman Bell (Purdey)
  • ‘Reloading for double rifles, Pt 2 The finished cartridge’ by Ross Seyfried (Westley Richards, Alexander Henry)
  •  ‘A curtain of lead: Snipe shooting in Northern Ireland’ by Hunt Jamin (Pape, Atkin)
  • ‘A lightweight Ithaca, with a sunken rib’ by Walther C. Snyder
  • ‘Lefever engraving, second to none’ by Keith Kearcher
  • ‘The Kautzky gunsmith-trapshooter dynasty’ by John E. Kautzky

Spring 1995 (Digital) Vol.6

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