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  • ‘Black & nitro, damascus & steel,(some modern fallacies pt3)’ by John E. Brindle (Barrel development)
  • ‘The sniper’ by Bill Baines (Snipe shooting)
  • ‘Frederick Baker shell rifle’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘The Parker mystique’ by Stephen Dodd Hughes
  • ‘The Tobin Arms Manufacturing Company’ by David J. Noreen
  • ‘A fruitful year in the Horsley lode’ by David J. Baker (Thomas Horsley gunmaker 1810-1882 and his family).
  • ‘Parker economics’ by Charlie Price (Estimating values)
  • ‘The guns of Ferlach’ by Robert L. Schott (Austria)
  • ‘Your choice’ by Dale C. Spartas (Picture gallery)
  • ‘Changing hands’ Michael McIntosh (12 bore B Grade Fox - 1912)
  • ‘The English taste’ by Fredrik Franzén (Sidelever Boss)
  • ‘The Beesley Shotover’ by Morris L. Hollowell IV
  • ‘Olowaru’ by Alberto Alejandro Gutiérrez (William Evans .470 Express, .577 Ferlach, buffalo hunting in Masailand)
  • ‘Fine & rare’ by Douglas Tate (E.M Reilly presentation hammer rifle)
  • ‘A deer-sized double rifle’ by Sherman Bell (1897 Westley Richards boxlock double rifle in .303)
  • ‘How Buffalo Bob shot the bull’ by Eldon “Buck” Buckner (54 caliber Kodiak percussion rifle, Model 1874 Sharps .45-120-550)
  • ‘Purdey, London, part 1’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Ithaca Three barrel guns’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • “Natural” or instinctive wing shooting’ by Bill Dowtin
  • ‘The art of rebrowning Damascus barrels’ by Keith Kearcher
  • ‘My father’s Parkers’ by Ronald C. Potter

Spring 1994 (Print) Vol.5



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