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  • ‘The “Best” don't come easy’ by R. Tuck (British gun laws for visitors)
  • ‘The shot column’ by John R. Smestad
  • ‘The first “New Ithaca Gun" by Walter C. Snyder (1888 Three pin frame)
  • ‘A day in the grouse woods with Oscar’ by John Rogers
  • ‘A new gun auction house in London’ by David Baker (Coys Auctions, Greener, Purdey, Rigby, Woodward, Westley Richards, Boss,  )
  • ‘The first ‘D’ Grade 20 Bore’ by Tom Kidd (Fox)
  • ‘With a double rifle in Botswana, Part 4’ by Eldon ‘Buck’ Buckner (Leopard Finale in the Kalahari, .450 William Evans)
  • ‘AyA: the new generation’ by Bill Baines
  • ‘Thoughts on Lefevers’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘Classic upland guns’ by Michael McIntosh (AyA, Bruchet, Charles Daly, W&C Scott, Simpson, L.C. Smith, A.H. Fox AE, Frstelli Bertuzzi, Francotte, Westley Richards, William Evans, Parker Reproductions A-1 Special)
  • ‘An old rifle in the New World’ by Keith McCafferty (.475 No.2 Nitor John Wilkes)
  • ‘W&C Scott & Son, gunmakers’ by Larry Barnes
  • ‘Remington Special shotguns’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘British Engraving, Part1’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Holland & Holland sporting clays week’ by Jan Roosenburg
  • ‘Lefevers, Etc…’ by Rusty Ward
  • ’A Cordy Et Fils 11257’ by Arthur Middleton (1983 Arthur Cordy)
  • ‘Double guns and single triggers’ by Les Freer (L.C. Smith, Browning, Winchester, Parker, Miller, Savage-Fox)
  • ‘Instinctive shooting, (The making of a master gunner) ’ by Buz Fawcett
  • ‘Step by step in building a gun by W.A. King (Parker article from 1924)
  • ‘The Heritage - (conclusion)’ by Fred B. Baker

Spring 1992 (Digital) Vol.3

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