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  • lntroduction
  • "Williedog' by Randy Lawrence
  • ‘Old and New’ by Gary Bolster (o.Geiger & Co. Berlin 16 gauge 8x57R combination)
  • ‘Col. William S. Brophy’ an introduction.
  • ‘The Charles Daly Doubles’ by Don Hardin
  • ‘The Last Season’ by R. Tuck
  • ‘What constitutes an original Parker?’ by Larry Del Grego
  • ‘Ithaca Gun Co.’ by W.C. Snyder (NID)
  • ‘Thoughts on LeFevers’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘Purdey's “New Best”’ by Stephen T. Bolton
  • ‘The Numbers Game’ by Douglas Tate
  • ‘Gunsmithing’ by Bob LeFever (Steel shot and the older doubles)
  • ‘Remington Whitmore Shotguns’ by Charles Semmer (Hammer lifters)
  • ‘Self-lnflicted’ by Pete Fromm
  • ‘A Double on Blues’ by Brad Piearson (L.C. Smith 20 gauge specialty grade)
  • ‘The Browning Superposed, Part 2 ’ by Col. W.R. Betz
  • ‘A family memory of a man, a woman and a gun’ by Anonymous (Lefever)
  • ‘Westley Richards .458’ by N.J. Makinson
  • ‘Evolution of the Fox Small Bore’ by Tom Kidd
  • ‘The Trouble With Lions’  by David Anderson ( A .470 Nitro Express Double Cogswell & Harrison)
  • ‘A Mechanical Flood’ by David J. Baker (19th century British breechloader development, Lancaster, Leech, Hanson, Murcott, Turner, Rigby, Jeffries, Ryland)
  • ‘The Double Gun for pheasants’ by Larry Brown
  • ‘Jungle Gun’ by J.Douglas Tinsley (Lyon & Lyon)
  • ‘What’s in a name?’ (Buying an English or European gun) by Jack Rowe
  • ‘The shot column’ (On William Harnden Foster) by John R. Smestad
  • ‘Images’ by Bill Baines

Spring 1990 (Digital) Vol.1

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