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  • ‘Tail Talk’ by Greg Weise
  • ‘The shot column’ (part 8) by John R. Smestad
  • ‘The other set of barrels’ by Terry R. Smith (16 gauge VH Parker)
  • ‘Developing an appreciation’ by Anthony Collareno (Davis, Crescent, Noble, L.C. Smith, Remington, Browning Superposed and SxS, L.C.Smith ‘Ideal’, Ithaca, Fox ‘B’ grade, Bernadelli, Ugartecha, LePage, Winchester 21)  
  • ‘On becoming a double gunner’ by Larry Brown (Ithaca SKB 150)
  • ‘Into Africa’ by Douglas Tate
  • ‘In search of my best London gun pt 2’  by Michael S. Krause (Symes & Wright)
  • ‘Mississippi’s gentleman hunter’ by Dr. Frank W. Childrey (John P. Bailey)
  • ‘Joh. Outschars Sohn’ by William W Headrick
  • ‘Evolution of the Parker double’ by Charlie Price & Wm. L. Mullins
  • ‘L.C. Smith at Syracuse’ by Wm. M. Furnish & Devore E. Killip
  • ‘Fox's Blue Ribbon’ by Tom Kidd (Fox Specials at the Panama-Pacific Exposition)
  • ‘Waiting in Maine’ by Michael Katakis
  • ‘With a double rifle in Botswana, Part 3’ by Eldon ‘Buck’ Buckner (William Evans.450)
  • ‘David McKay Brown, Gunmaker’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘John Wilkes: The rifle and its maker’ by Keith McCafferty
  • ‘A tales that comes with them’ by David Baker (.577 Lancaster double rifle, George Jeffries of Norwich, F.H. Grey, John Hanson of Lincoln, Maloch)
  • ‘The Heritage’ by Fred B. Baker

Issue 4 1991 (Digital) Vol.2

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