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  • ‘The shot column’ by John R. Smestad
  • ‘Some early American double shotguns’ (American gun company grades compared) by Don Hardin
  • ‘Susan at Gleneagles’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Jackie  Stewart Shooting School)
  • ‘Aug. LeBeau - Courally's ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ commemorative’ by Douglas Tate (.450 bore Royal Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Conversations with Geoffrey Boothroyd’ by Michael McIntosh
  • ‘Caldwell had A ‘Becker' by William W. Headrick (photo essay)
  • ‘Some good old days’ Brad Piearson (HE grade Fox)
  • ‘A Dutch treat’ by Jan Roosenburg (Verenigde Geweermakers)
  • ‘October in July’ by Randy Lawrence
  • ‘The President's gun’ by Rick Pratt (Ted Hatfield gun for George Bush)
  • ‘With a double rifle in Botswana’ by Eldon “Buck” Buckner (part 2 - Buffalo in the Okavango - Winchester Model 70, Biesen, William Evans .450/400)
  • ‘In search of my best London gun’ by Michael A. Krause (Symes & Wright, Rigby, Wilkes, William Evans, Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey)   
  • ‘Interlude’ by Greg Frey
  • ‘Another Ithaca Gun Company “New Model” - The Minier’ by Walter Snyder
  • ‘Unfolding the pages of time’ by Nicholas J. Makinson (James Woodward)
  • ‘Evolution of the Parker double’ (Part 3 - Introduction of the hammerless gun) by Charlie Price & William L. Mullins
  • ‘Remington doubles, Model 1894 vs. Model 1900’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘A tale of two Panthers’ by Walter H White (Holland & Holland Magnum double rifle)

Issue 3 1991 (Digital) Vol.2

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