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  • ‘The shot column’ (pt6 Crane Creek) by John R. Smestad
  • ‘Winchester's finest/ the Model 21’ by Frank W. Childrey (book review of ‘Winchester’s Finest/The Model 21 by Ned Schwing)
  • ‘The Model 21’ by Jerry Warrington (Winchester)
  • ‘The FE Grade’ by Tom Kidd (Ansley H. Fox)
  • ‘Evolution of the Parker double’, (Part 2 - Later hammer guns) by C. Price & R. Gunther
  • ‘Thoughts on Lefevers’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘With a double rifle in Botswana, Part 1, The romance of Africa and the doble rifle) by Eldon "Buck" Buckner (William Evans)
  • ‘Classic doubles & the left-hand shooter’ by Robert Carr
  • ‘New breakthrough in non-toxic shot, (Is steel shot on the way out?)’’ by L.P. Brezny
  • ‘Driven pheasant shooting in Britain’ by lan Roosenburg
  • ‘Guns at the game fair’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (william Powell, Norton, Cogswell & Harrison, G.H. Daw, J. Hill & Sons. Moore & grey, Defourney, James Woodward, W&C Scott, Charles Boswell, Thomas Horsely,J.D. Dougall, Charles Lancaster)
  • ‘Charles Joseph Heath's chamberless doubles’ by Douglas Tate (Heath, F.T. Baker)
  • ‘Teddy's Ithaca’ by Herschel Chadick (Presidential grade)
  • ‘L.C. Smith - 3" chambered guns’ by Brad Piearson
  • ‘Remington Whitmore shotguns’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘William G. Shultz: double gun bronzes’ by Bill Baines
  • ‘A grouse hunter's journey’ by Tom Huggler
  • ‘Book Review’ by Bill Baines
  • “Ithaca Gun Company" book by W.C. Snyder
  • ‘Trio’ by Rick Pratt
  • ‘The great retriever’ by Michael McIntosh
  • ‘The Westley Richards hammer shotguns’ by David Baker

Issue 2 1991 (Digital) Vol.2

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