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Vol 2

This 343 page Index & Reader (1997- to 2005 inclusive), includes 72 previously unpublished articles (including some autobiographies and vintage reprints), and makes it supremely easy to search all the print back issues in various ways. The first index is by author name alongside the titles of all their articles, very useful if you like a particular writer or subject that they specialise in. Next come the unseen articles, the equivalent of 2 full magazine issues. However you want to find an article, this Index and Reader is solution.      
Articles including subject index:

  • ‘Hunting Wild Geese With Live Decoys - written & illustrated for Harper’s Weekly in 1891’ by George E. Errington
  • ‘The Little Gun That Shot Low’ by H.J. Swinney (Frank Lefever, Shirley Risley)
  • ‘Double Barrel Balance’ by Bob Jennings
  • ‘A Flash of Red’ by Charles M. Rucker
  • ‘Ithaca Since 1880’ by James T Tyson (Flues Grade 1 , Grade 4, Grade 2)
  • ‘Gaur Experience’ by Gerald Maitland-Smith
  • ‘Along the Roanoke’ by Hiram Perkinson, III (L.C. Smith)
  • ‘Muscle Loaders, Pincushion Guns & Hayleshot’ by Paul Mosse (McKnight of Dublin, Joseph Manton, Brummit of Mansfield, Yorks, John Rigby, Mark & John Pattison of Dublin, Boswell, clayton of Southampton,  
  • ‘Palusha’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘The Captain's Gun’ by James R. Craig
  • ‘The Saga of “Bo Whoop” by Dr William E. Andrews (12-gauge Super-Fox)
  • ‘In Search of the Next Bit of Information’ by David J. Noreen
  • ‘A Journey Filled With Excitement ~ Via L.C. Smith’ by John Houchins
  • ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ by Terry Allen (Paul McCartney)
  • ‘Tom Mix of Ecuador’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘Honored Traditions, Traditions of Honor’ by Roger Pinckney
  • ‘Double, Double; Toil And Trouble!’ by John Manning (Isaac Hollis & Sons)
  • ‘The Nowotny’ by Ernest Stone
  • ‘Inyati For Grandpa’ by Don Thompson
  • ‘As I Say’ by Worth Mathewson
  • ‘Worth and Margaret Thompson Mathewson’ by Worth Mathewson
  • ‘Influences & Evolutions, Or how I became an author, researcher, and collector of Sauer & Sohn long guns’ by Jeff Stephens
  • ‘The Many Faces Of Webley & Scott’ by John B. Curnow (Lancaster, William Evans,
  • ‘Who Is Robert Matthews?’ by Robert Matthews
  • ‘The Pointe Mouillee Shooting Club’ by James & Barbara Marsh
  • ‘High Brass Fives’ by Charlie Price (Parker)
  • ‘Gamebooks’ by Chris McGann
  • ‘Contentment’ by Paul Chase
  • ‘A Rifle Fit For A Duke’ by Frank Findlow (William Cavendish-Bentinck, Holland and Holland)
  • ‘Mis Amigos de Ecuador’ by Nick Hahn (Merkel 203E, Bernardelli)
  • ‘Rough Grouse’ by Colin McLagan
  • ‘Re: J. P. Sauer Cape Gun (Büchsflinte) by Richard Curriden
  • ‘The Old Pat's Society, an annual affair with Parkers, Pa’tridge and Woodcock’’ by Art Wheaton
  • ‘A Double-Gun, Bird-Shooting, English-Setter Man’ by Jan Nilsson (W. Collath and Söhne, August Francotte 225SE, Charles Boswell, G.L. Rasch, J.B. Stahl & Sohn, G. Lechner, Sauer & Sohn, Mause)
  • ‘Reflections On The New England Upland Sporting Life ~ Part II ‘ by Paul Chase
  • ‘My Evolution As A Craftsman & Collector’ by Larry Schuknecht (Sharps Model 1875 .45-70)
  • ‘Edison’s Parker?’ by Mel Buck
  • ‘I’d Rather Be Lucky’ by Larry Brown (Fox Sterlingworth, Army & Navy, AyA, Merkel)
  • ‘This Parker Life’ by Kevin McCormack
  • “It's By Some Maker Called Boss” by Donald Dallas
  • ‘Blame It On Bad Company’ by Spence Dupree (Francotte, Joseph Lang & Sons)
  • ‘Captain Blood’s Game Gun’ by Douglas Hintsman
  • ‘Like a Virgin’ by Ed Muderlak (Parker)
  • ‘A Double Gunner in the Heartland’ by Robert l. Egbert (Merkel 201, Cogswell & Harrison, Beretta S-3EELL, Boss)
  • ‘It Was A Greener’ by Doug LeBas
  • ‘Parker 12/30s’ by Charlie Price
  • ‘Cack-ik’ by Ira Lewis
  • ‘A Life of Shooting Ventures’ by Colin Greenwood (.350 Rigby Magnum)
  • ‘With No Excuses’ by Paul J. Driscoll (Ithaca Flues Grade 6)
  • ‘The Dog and the Old One-Legged Man’ by John Esslinger
  • ‘Why I Am Who I Am’ by J.E. Fender
  • ‘The Right Material’ by Diggory Hadoke Purdey, Thompson, Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Borderland Birds Between The Long Lakes’ by Dudley Bishop
  • ‘Saved By The Drilling’ by Cal Pappas (Sauer and Sohn)
  • ‘Why A French Shotgun?’ by Gary Murphy
  • “LC.” Mystery’ by Don Brewer
  • ‘Canvas-Back and ‘Terrapin’ contributed by Hiram Perkinson, III (Chesapeake waterfowling classic from November 1877)
  • ‘The 14 Gauge Forgotten But Not Gone’ by Allen Avinger (Lefever D Grade 14 gauge)
  • ‘Edward E. Ulrich’ by Ed Ulrich
  • ‘Skeeter’s Idea’ by Robb Lucas
  • ‘Fox, Model B, My First Shotgun’ by Russell Hovencamp, Jr.
  • ‘Ed’s gun’ by Robert Carr (Parker)
  • ‘My F. Williams 10-Gauge Double’ by James P. Kelly
  • ‘The Orchid Hunter’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘The World’s Best, commentary by the late world-famous shooting instructor’ by Jack Mitchell
  • ‘Bear In The Bush, a letter from Canada’ contributed by Ed Hobbie
  • ‘The Rocket’ by Tim Belknap (Ruffed grouse)
  • ‘Buttplate Blues’ by M Douglas Scott
  • ‘The Twenty-Eight Gauge - William Harnden Foster's 1938 Report’ contributed by Jon H. Foster
  • ‘Shooting and Fishing’ (reprint of article from 1896 on the Sportsmen’s Exposition)
  • ‘Masako Wheeler and Bobby’, the bobwhite
  • ‘Sport With Gun and Rod in American woods and waters’ - (1883 reprint on the development of the shotgun by Alfred M Mayer)

Index & Reader Vol. 2 (1997-2005)-Print



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