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This 250 page Index & Reader (1989 to 1996 inclusive), includes 41 previously unpublished articles (including some autobiographies and vintage reprints), and makes it supremely easy to search all the print back issues in various ways. The first index is by author name alongside the titles of all their articles, very useful if you like a particular writer or subject that they specialise in. Next come the unseen articles, the equivalent of 2 full magazine issues. The last type of index is by subject and lists the corresponding volume, issue and page numbers. However you want to find an article, this Index and Reader is solution.    
‘Now, How Did I Get Here?’ by David J. Baker
‘White Smoke Double Rifle’ by Sherman Bell (Purdey .450)
‘The Last Season’ by Tim Sheldon
‘Geoffrey Boothroyd’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
‘Finding Birds’ John Sergeant Wise
‘Eldon "Buck" Buckner’ by Eldon "Buck"Buckner
‘Charlie & Dan’ by Jon Bradford Chase
‘Something About My Life in Sweden’ by Fredrik Franzén
‘Thirty-Yard Shooters Unite’ by John Esslinger
‘Biographical Sketch and Thoughts of a Gun Collector’ by Bill Furnish
‘After Grouse With Hiram’ by Maximillian Foster
‘The Finest Gift in the World’ by William W. Headrick (Fox CE grade 12 gauge, A grade, FE grade, AE, Grade 20 gauge, BHE Super Fox, CSE Grade, XE Grade, Sterlingworth Ejector, Trap Grade, DE Grade, BE Grade)
‘Epilogue’ by Michael McIntosh
‘Secret of the Hill’ by Tom Loughmiller
‘Purdey No.15354’ by Anthony J Schembri
‘Keith Kearcher - Gunsmith’ by Keith Kearcher (Manufrance “Ideal”, Woodward “The Automatic”, Lefever Presentation 8 gauge, Optimus Lefever 12 gauge)
‘The Tom Kidd We Know’ by Carol and Jim Kidd and Friends (1935 Fox Sterlingworth, and M Grade. “A Special”)
‘Ways of Knowing’ by Randy Edward Lawrence (16-gauge Ithaca Grade 4E, Holloway and Naughton 12 bore)
‘A Scent in the Forest’ by Keith McCafferty (John Wilkes .475 No.2 Nitro, W.J. Jeffrey .333)
‘Up and Down Paradise Valley’ by Oliver Kemp
‘My Sporting Life’ by Chris McGann
‘Sarah's First Hunt’ by Sarah Hartge
‘My Bugs and Fevers’ by Charlie Price (Parker, 10 gauge Grade 3, AAHE 12 gauge)
‘My Remingtons’ by Charles Semmer (Model 1883 Grade 5, Whitmore Lifter Model 1875 Grade 4, Model 1984 Grade BE, Model 1894 Grade CEO and Grade EE)
‘Once Upon a Dark Continent’ by Ross Seyfried
‘Letter to Mims Reed of Bedford, Texas’ by Bryan Coleman (.577 John Harper double rifle)
‘A Kaleidoscope for the Ithaca Collector’ by Walter C. Snyder
‘My Favorite Wingshooting Destinations’ by Stuart M. Williams
‘Only a Rabbit Dog’ by Ron Forsyth
‘An Adventure with a Tigress’ by C.E. Ashburner
"Have You Plenty of Birds, sporting letters from the North“ by Hiram Perkinson, III
‘In Southern Quail Fields’ by Todd Russell
‘In the Carolina Woods’ by S. Phelps
‘Black Powder Mania’ by Donald R. Davis
‘On the Wide Marshes of Manitoba’ by Edwyn Sandys
‘Morning at Stoltzfus Farm’ by John J. McCann
‘Pointing at Purdey’ by Richard Hewitt
‘The Ancient Sport of Trap-shooting’ by Charles F. Peters
‘An Adventure with African Lions’ by Traber Genone
‘The Grouse, on the American prairies’ by Ed W. Sandys

Index & Reader Vol. 1 (1989-1996)-Digital

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