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This is a free downloadable file of contents of the first issue in 1989 up to our last issue, Spring 2022. Volumes 1 to 3, 1989 to 1992, are digital only. Most of the later issues are available in print form too (while stock last), but if the issue you are looking for is not in the webstore yet please email our office via:


Further issues (in both print and digital) will be added to the webstore as fast as we can scan and upload them during 2023.  


More detailed, searchable descriptions of all the articles are best found via the seach box in this webstore. You can either seach by keyword (gun brand, year, author etc) then open the journal and view its description.

Free download - Back issue content pages 1989-2022

  • Downloadable pdf with article titles 1989- 2022 - free.


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