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  • ‘The Ducks And Doves Of Managua’ by Carlos Schmidt (Czech Brno)
  • ‘Gebrüder Merkel’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘A 19th century Stephen Grant rifle and shotgun’ by Don Kettelkamp
  • ‘William H. Wallace's Sweet Parker "C" by Vincent Holmes
  • ‘Building Double Rifles On Shotgun Actions?’ by Ken Owen
  • ‘The Furnish Collection: The Remingtons’ by Arne Sandberg (Model 1875, 1878, 1889,
  • ‘British gun auctions - pt. 13’ by Diggory Hadoke (W.J. Jeffery, Charles Osbourne, Holland and Holland, Purdey, Woodward, Cogswell & Harrison, J.V. Needham, Henry Tolley, Bonehill ‘Belmont Interchangeable’, William Evans, Boss, Holland and Holland, Beesley, Reilly, W.W. Greener, LePage, Quincy)  
  • ‘A matter of priorities’ by Bill Headrick (A.H. Fox, HE Super-Fox)
  • ‘Finding out for myself - pt. 16, bottom of the barrel wall-hangers’ by Sherman Bell (J.J. Weston, Henry Pieper, American Gun Company, Marshall Arms Company, Meriden Arms Company)
  • ‘Driven shooting in the Highland hills’ by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen (Holland & Holland, Purdey, A. Galazan,
  • A tribute to a man and his guns’ by Ross Seyfried (Thad Scott, Alexander Henry, Daniel Fraser, Bolton, Rigby)
  • ‘High or low: which frame height is best?’ by Nick Hahn (Browning Citori, Cynergy, Perazzi MX20, Browning Superposed Diana, Winchester Model 1010, Ithaca SKB Model 600,
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field  The Sambur’ by Ross Seyfried

Autumn 2009 (Print) Vol.20



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