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  • ‘Memoirs from the gun room’ by Daniel Philip Côté (Parker DH Grade)
  • ‘A blow-up post-mortem’ by Drew Hause (In support of Damascus barrels)
  • ‘A Fauneta Fall’ by Ross Seyfried (Westley Richards)
  • ‘An L.C. Smith A-3 Twenty-bore ~ pt 1’ by Tom Archer & Brian Board
  • ‘Rising Bite, Vertical Bolt ~ Pt. 1’ by William Juch IV (George Thackeray Abbey, Purdey, Thomas Kilby, W&C Scott)
  • ‘A Fox in the hen house’ by Steve Cambria (A.H. Fox CE sports)
  • ‘The Weston Gunmakers’ by John Campbell II
  • ‘The little Merkel double’ by Nick Hahn (280EL)
  • ‘To the Editor of The Field ~ pt. 31’ by Ross Seyfried (the African Lion)
  • ‘African Safari’ by Anthony J. Schembri

Autumn 2016 (Digital) Vol.27

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