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  • ‘Through The Eyes Of Another’ by Scott Winston (16 gauge Parker GH 1892, J.D. McArthur 1909,
  • ‘Sir Harry Stonor, Great Britain's Fourth Best Shot’ by Dr. John Newton (Purdey hammer ejector)
  • ‘Percussion Guns: The Stories They Could Tell’ by Sherman Bell (Joseph Parkhouse, Ulbrich in Dresden, G.E. Lewis)
  • ‘Judge Leonard H. Searing and His Ithaca Shotgun’ by WaIter C. Snyder (16 gauge 4E Ithaca)
  • ‘Feathered Lightning - Pink Dawn: Parker AAHE Serial #189368’ by Craig Larter
  • ‘Shotgun Patterns: Remembering What We Knew’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘One Thing Leads To Another - On The Cold Trail Of A Hot Fox!’ by Frank J. Srebro (Late D grade)
  • ‘Reloading The Oddball Metrics & Others - Part 9, The 8x57 R/360’ by J. C. Munnell (Ferlach “Franz Sodia” drilling, C. Grundig,
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field - Part 20, The Eland’ by Ross Seyfried

Autumn 2013 (Digital) Vol.24

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