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  • ‘Browning & Shakespeare’ by Eric Jeska (20 gauge Browning Superposed)
  • ‘Charles Boswell's Best’ by Worth Mathewson
  • ‘Canterbury Tales Reprise’ by John Campbell II (John Mills of Canterbury, England)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company "D3" by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • ‘Reloading The Oddball Metrics And Others - Part 7, The 8 x 72R and its variants’ by J. C. Munnell (J. Nowotny Budapest and Prague, Eduard Kettner, Wilhelm Brenneke, Emil Martin & Sohn Vierling, Xavier Thiel )
  • ‘Working Guns At Pineridge Grouse Camp’ by Art Wheaton (Parker VH 16, VH20, VH 28, DHE 20, SKB Model 200E 20 gauge, Remington Parker V12,)
  • ‘A Purdey Double Rifle’ by Ross Seyfried (Purdey and J Ilsley of Salisbury)
  • ‘Fred Adolph's Masterpiece’ by Richard Hummel
  • ‘British Guns & Sporting Rifles: Rook Rifles - Part 26’ by Sherman Bell (Charles Osborne, Allport, Linsley Brothers, Whistler and BSA Martini)
  • ‘Albert E. Oliver's Duck Gun’ by Walter C. Snyder (1930 Ithaca Grade-4E)
  • ‘To the Editor of The Field - The Asian Buffalo, Arnee’ by Ross Seyfried (Gibbs 8-bore)

Autumn 2012 (Print) Vol.23



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