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Browning & Shakespeare’ by Eric Jeska (20 gauge Browning Superposed)
‘Charles Boswell's Best’ by Worth Mathewson
‘Canterbury Tales Reprise’ by John Campbell II (John Mills of Canterbury, England)
‘The Syracuse Arms Company "D3" by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
‘Reloading The Oddball Metrics And Others - Part 7, The 8 x 72R and its variants’ by J. C. Munnell (J. Nowotny Budapest and Prague, Eduard Kettner, Wilhelm Brenneke, Emil Martin & Sohn Vierling, Xavier Thiel )
‘Working Guns At Pineridge Grouse Camp’ by Art Wheaton (Parker VH 16, VH20, VH 28, DHE 20, SKB Model 200E 20 gauge, Remington Parker V12,)
‘A Purdey Double Rifle’ by Ross Seyfried (Purdey and J Ilsley of Salisbury)
‘Fred Adolph's Masterpiece’ by Richard Hummel
‘British Guns & Sporting Rifles: Rook Rifles - Part 26’ by Sherman Bell (Charles Osborne, Allport, Linsley Brothers, Whistler and BSA Martini)
‘Albert E. Oliver's Duck Gun’ by Walter C. Snyder (1930 Ithaca Grade-4E)
‘To the Editor of The Field - The Asian Buffalo, Arnee’ by Ross Seyfried (Gibbs 8-bore)

Autumn 2012 (Digital) Vol.23

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