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  • ‘Black Hands & Red Legs’ by Miles Gilbert (Butterfield, W. Roberts of London, T. Fray of Leicester, Sharp of London, Breily of London, Weston of Brighton, Edwinson Green, Jeffries, Edward Fry Loof, Manton, Blanch, Armstrong, Richard and William Aston, Gibbs, Westley Richards, Scott, Smallwood of Shrewsbury, Wood of Worcester, John Wallas of Wigton & Carlisle))   
  • ‘Finding out for myself - pt. 15, ~ Bulk(y) powder in Express rifles’ by Sherman Bell (Wunder & Gunther, Martini .577/.450, Alexander Henry .450, Bland, BSA)
  • ‘British gun auctions - pt. 11’ by Diggory Hadoke (Westley Richards .577/.450, Purdey, Holland & Holland, H.Snowie, Dickson, Boss, Jeffries Brothers, Harkom, Rigby, Verney Carron Freres, Alexander Henry, Frederick Beesley,
  • ‘The Ballard rifle & Christmas elk’ by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen (Browning ‘High Wall’ 1885, Ballard Rifle and Cartridge Company)
  • ‘The Furnish Collection’ by Arne Sandburg (53 U.S. makers)
  • ‘Baker single barrel trap guns’ by Townsend Breeden
  • ‘The beautiful guns of Max & Evelyn Ern’ by Larry B. Schuknecht
  • ‘The Browning Citori’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘A "Double" double gun’ by Lewis Potter (Charles Lancaster 4 barrel shotgun)
  • ‘Error or air of distinction - pt. 2’ by Bernard Di Giacobbe, M.D.
  • ‘A pair of Reillys’ by Derek Stimpson

Autumn 2008 (Print) Vol.19



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