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  • ‘Gun not for sale’ by Jocelynn R. Pearl (Arrieta)
  • ‘British gun auctions - pt. 8’ by Diggory Hadoke (large number of named British makes)
  • "Not English Make" by Sherman Bell (Franz Kettner, J. Nowotny, D. Kirkwood)
  • ‘Doing the Highland fling, the guns of Rising Fawn’ by Roger Pinckney (Ruger Red Label 20, Field Grade L.C. Smith, David Murray, Webley & Scott, W.W. Greener, D.D. Gray, )
  • ‘Wirnhier Spezial Jagd 67’ by Jan Paul Loeff (Piotti, Renato Gamba)
  • ‘My Dream Team’ by Spence Dupree (William Evans, Holland & Holland, Rizzini, William S. Needler)
  • ‘Parkers at the end of the rainbow’ by D. P. Côté, T. AlIen & H. Chadick (A-1)
  • ‘Martinis, Mystery and Magic’ by Ross Seyfried (Gahendra, Hollis)
  • ‘And they made double rifles - pt.1’ by Colin McLagan (Winchester Model 101 Grand European rifles)
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field, Virginian or White-tailed deer) by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘J. B. Hauer's Optimus s.n.51046’ by Josh Loewensteiner (Lefever)
  • ‘Lessons from the engravers of London’ by Barry Lee Hands
  • ‘Dad's Old Iver ("Ivory") Johnson single’ by Russ Hovencamp’
  • The Loon Lake club’

Autumn 2007 (Digital) Vol.18

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