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  • ‘Autumn’s Clarion Call’ by Wayne Capooth (Waterfowl hunting )
  • ‘Finding Out For Myself – pt.11‘ by Sherman Bell (Proof loads in Remington & Parker double guns )
  • ‘Mahindar Singh’s Express’ by Frank Findlow (Alexander Henry 20-Bore Express rifle)
  • ‘British gun auctions – pt.4’ by Diggory Hadoke
  • ‘L. C. Smith Minutiae – pt.2’ by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • ‘Westley Richards: The Early Years – Part 1 ’ by Ross Seyfried (percussion doubles)
  • ‘Remington Whitmore Model 1875 ’ by Charles Semmer (hammergun)
  • ‘Scattergun Lodge ’ by Stuart Williams (Pheasant hunting in the US Midwest)
  • ‘Everyone’s Favorite ’ by William W. Headrick (Stevens single-shot rifles)
  • ‘Collecting and especially shooting popular Parkers ‘ by Austin W. Hogan
  • ‘Horsley No. 1370 ‘ by David Baker (A Thomas Horsley hammergun, inside and out)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Company – pt.6’ by Jack Maedel & Terry Allen
  • ‘The Loon Lake Club ‘(Photos and nostalgia of the club )

Autumn 2006 (Print) Vol.17



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