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  • ‘The birth of twins’ by Donald C. Butts (Matched pair Abbiatico & Salvinelli)
  • ‘Scotland’s gunmaker - David McKay Brown’ by Donald Dallas
  • ‘Finding out for myself - pt 10 - Express rifle pressure variables, Nitro-for-black’ by Sherman Bell
  • ‘A Paradox returns to Africa’ by Roger Lake (Winchester Model 70 30-06, Holland & Holland Paradox, Westley Richards .303)
  • ‘The seasons of Deer Creek Lodge’ by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen
  • ‘Parker Bros. No. 2625’ by Larry B. Schuknecht
  • ‘Remington Model 1879 Grade 5’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘Places we have been: Medway Plantation’ by Robert Matthews & Terry Allen (W.W. Greener F4, Henry Atkin)
  • ‘Pinfire: how it all began’ by Ross Seyfried (Lang Rook rifle, Lefaucheux, Dougall Lockfast, Purdey .50, Harkom .577, Rigby 12 bore rifle)   
  • ‘Richard Roy, Firearm Engraver’ by J.E. Fender
  • ‘British Auction Action’ by Diggory Hadoke
  • ‘Oval bores - do they work?’ by Derek Stimpson (Charles Lancaster .303 - 1896)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co: The Low grades - pt 10’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co: The Early years - pt 2’ by Jack Maedel
  • ‘Ithaca Single trap gun No. 290365-T’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘Colt Model 1878 Engraving patterns’ by Herbert G. Houze

Autumn 2005 (Digital) Vol.16

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