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  • ‘Bore rifles - part 2’ by Sherman Bell (E.M. Reilly & Co. 8 bore)
  • ‘A magnificent L.C. Smith’ by Spence Dupree (De Luxe model)
  • ‘L.C. Smith Type 1 and Type 2 hammer guns’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘High on the Dakota hills’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘An unmatched pair - wild boar and turkeys…with the same gun on the same day’ by Ross Seyfried (Westley Richards rifles)  
  • ‘A dainty and damascus duo’ by William W. Headrick (Parker GH and DH 28 bores)
  • ‘J.P. Sauer & Sohn: serial numbers and dates of production 1881-1925 - part 1, One collector’s thoughts’ by Jeff Stephens
  • ‘Evolution of the Sterlingworth - part 1’ by David J. Noreen
  • ‘Bray’s Island plantation’ by Robert Matthews and Terry Allen (Purdey, Piotti, Bosis, Bertuzzi, Perazzi, Parker VHE)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co. - part 7, forend hangers and auto ejectors’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen
  • ‘A tale of two Frasers’ by Stephen C. Helsley
  • ‘The Remington cross-bolt prototype’ by Charles Semmer (Model 1894)

Autumn 2004 (Print) Vol.15



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