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  • ‘The Blue-Winged Teal Of Chone’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘British Doubles From A to Z - Part 17’ by Sherman Bell (W. & C. Scott)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co. - Part 3’ by Tom Archer & Terry Allen (Dakota Arms, Charles Hellis, Lefever, F.P. Baker & Co.)
  • ‘Ithaca Crass Model: The Grade 4 With Sculpted Fences’ by James T. Tyson
  • ‘Hunting The Remote Flying B Ranch’ by Adam Freeman
  • ‘J.P. Sauer & Sohn's Deutsch Reich Patent No. 78411’ by Jeff Stephens
  • ‘Elmer Keith: An Early and Able Advocate of Double Rifles’ by J.E. Fender
  • ‘Me Bonnie MacDougall’ by William W. Headrick (A.H. Fox 20-gauge)
  • ‘Book Review by Steve Bodio: The paintings of Eldridge Hardie: art of a life in sport, by George Reiger’,
  • ‘Nicaragua: The Newest Wingshooting Frontier’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘Horsley No. 2196: Something Old, Something New’ by David J. Baker (16 gauge)
  • ‘The Wilkes-Barre Gun Co.’ by Bob Noble & William Achtermeier
  • ‘Small Bores On The Rice Meadow.’ by Kevin McCormack
  • ‘Browning's Best Gun’ by Colin McLagan (Browning B-SS sidelock)
  • ‘An Introduction To Antique English Cartridge Loading Tools’ by Andrew Iosson (British)

Autumn 2003 (Digital) Vol.14



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