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  • ‘In memory of William B. Ruger, Sr.’ by R.L. Wilson
  • ‘In defense of rabbits’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘British doubles from A to Z — Part 15’ by Sherman Bell (Alexander Henry, Jeffery, G.E. Lewis & Sons, Linsley Brothers)
  • ‘Have gun will travel’ by Brian Kahn (AYA, Grulla, Arrieta)
  • ‘Remington Model 1894, Grade EEO - 16-Gauge’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘The answer is Ithaca’ by Colin McLagan
  • ‘When a New Yorker made guns in West Virginia - Part 2’ by David J. Noreen (Hollenbeck, Three-Barrel Gun Co.)
  • ‘Hunting Red Stag In Patagonia’ by Stuart M. Williams
  • ‘The naturalist's gun’ by Steve Bodio (T. Turner, Lefaucheux)
  • ‘Our trip to Gitchegumee’ by Dale Spartas
  • ‘Reconsidering the Smith’ by Tom Archer (L.C. Smith A-2, Parker)
  • ‘Parker gun gauges over the years’ by Charlie Price
  • ‘Pairs to die for’ by William W. Headrick (Purdey, Westley Richards, Holland & Holland, Boss)
  • ‘Piotti 9492’ by Michael Sabbeth
  • ‘Late Flues 10-Gauge Damascus’ by James T Tyson
  • ‘British Double Rifles In .303’ by Keith Kearcher (Gibbs, Purdey, Rigby, Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Remembering Robert Runge by Keith McCormack
  • ‘Opening The Marvin Huey Case’ by Robert I. Egvert (gun case making and restoration)
  • ‘Some thoughts on British 12-Bore Rifles’ by Frank Findlow (Holland & Holland, Greener)
  • ‘Response To "Why Parker?" ‘ by David Truesdale (corrections to earlier piece)

Autumn 2002 (Print) Vol.13



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