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  • 'Pheasants In The Corn' by Larry Brown
  • 'British Sportsmen And Double Guns In The American West' by Miles Gilbert
  • 'A Visit To The British Gun Trade' by Sherman Bell (Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, Benjamin Wild & Son, Dickson, McKinlay)
  • 'The History of the Shotgun: A French Revolution' by Gary Murphy
  • 'Ithaca ~ Quality Since 1880 ~ The Lewis Model Grade 3' James T. Tyson
  • ‘The Printable Parts of The Kavanagh Story' by David J. Baker (James Kavanagh)
  • 'The Ferlach, Austria, School of Gunsmithing' by J.E. Fender
  • 'Basque Bespoken Best' by William W. Headrick (Arrieta)
  • 'L.C. Smith’s Great Guns & Shooters' by John Houchins
  • 'The Silver Bow Club' by Dale Spartas & David Adams Thompson
  • 'Special-Ordered Superposeds' by W.R. Hammond (Browning)
  • 'Bird Shooting In Kentucky' Stuart M Williams
  • 'Pieces of Eight, Part 2, The Rifles' by Ross Seyfried (8-bore, Alex Henry, Lang & Hussey, Gibbs & PItt)
  • Book Review by Ross Seyfried (British Single Shot rifles: Vol.4 Westley Richards by Wal Winfer)
  • 'Remington Model 1894 ~ Grade DE' by Charles Semmer
  • 'German Double Rifles, Part 2' by Franzén Franzen (G.L. Rasch, Wolf, Imman Meffert, E. Schmidt & Habermann, Bessel & Sohn, W. Foerster Königl)
  • 'Cape Buffalo In Mozambique' by Colin Greenwood (W.J. Jeffrey .450/.400)
  • 'Ted’s Bird Gun' by Bernard DiGiacobbe, M.D. (Charlain)

Autumn 2001 (Digital) Vol.12

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