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'First Game... and Last' by William W. Headrick (Stevens Model 311 20-gauge)
'Finding Out For Myself ~ Part 3, The forgotten tens' by Sherman Bell (loading, Harrington & Richardson, W&C Scott, Westley Richards, Francotte, James Erskine)
'When | Paint My Masterpiece' by Kevin McCormack (Engraving)
'Model 21s Lost In the shuffle... And More' by Edward E. Ulrich (Winchester)
'A "Tail" of Two Cities' by Robert I Egbert. (Boss ejector)
"Bitten by a Hornet” by Dave Gilmore (.22 Holland)
'The San Saba Treasures of Oak Knoll Ranch' by Stan Warren
'Perfect Balance' by William W. Headrick (Parker)
'Lancaster's Four-Barreled Rifles' by Ross Seyfried
I have shaken the Hand That Shook The Hand' by David J. Baker (Joseph Needham)
‘The Ithaca Custom Shop ~ Then and Now' by W.R. Hammond
'Grandfather's Gun' by Jan Nilsson (G.L. Rasch of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany)
'Hunting and Shooting with Holland & Holland, Part 1' Stuart William
'W.R. Pape' by Fredrik Franzén
'Jeffrey Double Rifles ~ the Hunter's Choice' by Keith McCafferty
'Special Order Remington CE' by Charles Semmer
'Gottlieb Köthe in Graz' by Felix Neuberger (Austrian gunmaker)
'The Golden Wedding Pheasants' by David J. Noreen

Autumn 2000 (Print) Vol.11



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