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  • 'First Game... and Last' by William W. Headrick (Stevens Model 311 20-gauge)
  • 'Finding Out For Myself ~ Part 3, The forgotten tens' by Sherman Bell (loading, Harrington & Richardson, W&C Scott, Westley Richards, Francotte, James Erskine)
  • 'When | Paint My Masterpiece' by Kevin McCormack (Engraving)
  • 'Model 21s Lost In the shuffle... And More' by Edward E. Ulrich (Winchester)
  • 'A "Tail" of Two Cities' by Robert I Egbert. (Boss ejector)
  • "Bitten by a Hornet” by Dave Gilmore (.22 Holland)
  • 'The San Saba Treasures of Oak Knoll Ranch' by Stan Warren
  • 'Perfect Balance' by William W. Headrick (Parker)
  • 'Lancaster's Four-Barreled Rifles' by Ross Seyfried
  • I have shaken the Hand That Shook The Hand' by David J. Baker (Joseph Needham)
  • ‘The Ithaca Custom Shop ~ Then and Now' by W.R. Hammond
  • 'Grandfather's Gun' by Jan Nilsson (G.L. Rasch of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany)
  • 'Hunting and Shooting with Holland & Holland, Part 1' Stuart William
  • 'W.R. Pape' by Fredrik Franzén
  • 'Jeffrey Double Rifles ~ the Hunter's Choice' by Keith McCafferty
  • 'Special Order Remington CE' by Charles Semmer
  • 'Gottlieb Köthe in Graz' by Felix Neuberger (Austrian gunmaker)
  • 'The Golden Wedding Pheasants' by David J. Noreen

Autumn 2000 (Digital) Vol.11

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