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  • "... And It Comes Out Here" by Steve Mulak (Remington Model 1894 DEO grade, Churchill XXV, Ithaca Lewis Grade IV, Lefever FE, Zanotti, Ithaca Flues, A.H. Fox grade A, Bremer, Ithaca Crass grade VI, Sauer, Parker Lifter)
  • ‘Beretta's Field Grade Doubles’ by John R. Tassini (626E and GR models, 470 Silver Hawk, 687EL, Silver Snipe)
  • ‘Charles Hellis: Another British Best’ by Dwayne Wells
  • ‘A Pair of Parkers’ by Clarence Bowman
  • ‘They Call It The "Wrist Breaker”by David J. Baker (Model A Lancaster)
  • ‘Interview With Tullio Fabbri’ by John Milius
  • ‘The Behr & Vertikalbloch Verschluss, two early German bolting systems’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Still Some More Smoothbore Smorgasbord, part 3’ by William W. Headrick (L.C. Smith 00 grade, A.H. Fox Grade A, Abesser & Merkel, Iver Johnson hammerless Super Trap, Ithaca N.I.D. 4E, John Dickson & Son)
‘Argentina: Greatest Waterfowling Land of All’ by Stuart Williams 
‘Extremes - Alexander Henry: The Large and Small of It’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘Remington Addendum’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘My Grandfather and His Gun... (Walter Earl)’ by Jim Earl (AYA Model 53, Harley Earl)
  • ‘One For All?’by Tom Kidd (A.H. Fox)
  • ‘Set for Life’ by Donald C. Butts (Fratelli Piotta Armi)
  • ‘A gallery of American case-hardening colors’ by Bill Hammond (Parker, Ithaca, L.C.Smith, Hunters Arms Co., Remington, Western Arms, Lefever, Baker Batavia Leader)

Autumn 1998 (Print) Vol.9



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