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  • AUTUMN 1997
  • ‘British Doubles From A To Z - Part 4’ by Sherman Bell (Greener, Jeffrey, William Richard Leeson, London Sporting Park Ltd, Lyon & Lyon, Manton & Co.)
  • ‘The S.H.O.T. Show’ by Bernard DiGiacobbe, M.D. (The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, Las Vegas)
  • ‘Mr. Brown and His Boss’ by Stuart M. Williams (Boss 20 gauge over and under pair)
  • ‘The Over and Under, back in fashion in the UK’ by Steve Newman (Purdey, Joseph Egg, James Woodward, Holland & Holland)
  • ‘Muzzelverschluss or Clam Shell’ by Frederik Franzén (Greifelt, Stiegele, Bemesu, Selisch, Foerster
  • ‘Fratelli Rizzini’ by Ross Bruner
  • "Little Birds; Little Gun" - Grandma's 28’ by Kevin McCormack (Parker GH 28 gauge)
  • ‘Cogswell & Harrison, Ltd., London’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd
  • ‘Bud and Cordette Smith’ by T. E. Salzer (L.C. Smith 8 bore and .410)
  • ‘Dougall's Howdah’ by Ross Seyfried (Dougall Lockfast double pistol )
  • ‘Purdey Potpourri’ by William W. Headrick
  • ‘How to Sell a Fox Gun’ by Tom Kidd
  • ‘A Presentation Remington DEO Trap Gun’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘A Visit to the Ithaca Fourth Grade - Part 2’ by Walter Snyder
  • ‘The Finishing of Damascus Steel - Part 2’ by Oscar L. Gaddy

Autumn 1997 (Digital Only) Vol.8

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