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‘Black & Nitro, Damascus & Steel - some modern fallacies Pt 5’ by John E. Brindle
‘Chapuis Armes’ by Jean A Capiod
‘Traditional rust blueing’ by Duane Bolden
‘New Ithaca double field grade’ by William R. Allen
‘W. Foerster, Royal gunmaker’ by Sherman Bell
‘The St. George’s gun by Geoffrey Boothroyd’ (No. 52227 made by Harry Greener)
‘The Lightest 12-bore made in America’ by Keith Kearcher (Lefever)
“Possibly the finest rifle ever made” by Douglas Tate (Roosevelt’s Holland & Holland double rifle)
‘Plantation Quail - the gentleman’s pursuit’ by Dale C. Spartas
‘The High Grade Heavyweights’ by Tom Kidd (Super-Fox)
‘The Engraver’s gun’ by Frederik Franzén (Hans Svensson)
‘The best little gunhouse in Texas’ by Michael McIntosh (Chadick’s Ltd. Terrell, Texas)
‘Pinfire Buck’ by Ross Seyfried (1863 Purdey pinfire double rifle)
‘The Gun’s story, A piece of Faction’ by David Baker (Herbert C. Dickinson 12 bore)
‘Elsie’s little crown jewel’ by William W. Headrick (Crown grade L.C. Smith)
‘Loading English black powder cartridges pt 2’  by Mel Swanson
‘The Smith gun’ by Henry H. Blagden, Jr.’ (Samuel and Charles Smith)
‘Remington date codes on Parker guns’ by Charlie Price
‘From my scrapbook’ by Robert S. Harris
‘My Own Ithaca’ by Sonny Fulks (Flues Model 4E)
‘The Pioneers’ Shotgun, The N.R. Davis Pinfire’ by Charles E. Carder

Autumn 1994 (Print) Vol.5



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