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  • ‘Black & Nitro, Damascus & Steel - some modern fallacies Pt 5’ by John E. Brindle
  • ‘Chapuis Armes’ by Jean A Capiod
  • ‘Traditional rust blueing’ by Duane Bolden
  • ‘New Ithaca double field grade’ by William R. Allen
  • ‘W. Foerster, Royal gunmaker’ by Sherman Bell
  • ‘The St. George’s gun by Geoffrey Boothroyd’ (No. 52227 made by Harry Greener)
  • ‘The Lightest 12-bore made in America’ by Keith Kearcher (Lefever)
  • “Possibly the finest rifle ever made” by Douglas Tate (Roosevelt’s Holland & Holland double rifle)
  • ‘Plantation Quail - the gentleman’s pursuit’ by Dale C. Spartas
  • ‘The High Grade Heavyweights’ by Tom Kidd (Super-Fox)
  • ‘The Engraver’s gun’ by Frederik Franzén (Hans Svensson)
  • ‘The best little gunhouse in Texas’ by Michael McIntosh (Chadick’s Ltd. Terrell, Texas)
  • ‘Pinfire Buck’ by Ross Seyfried (1863 Purdey pinfire double rifle)
  • ‘The Gun’s story, A piece of Faction’ by David Baker (Herbert C. Dickinson 12 bore)
  • ‘Elsie’s little crown jewel’ by William W. Headrick (Crown grade L.C. Smith)
  • ‘Loading English black powder cartridges pt 2’  by Mel Swanson
  • ‘The Smith gun’ by Henry H. Blagden, Jr.’ (Samuel and Charles Smith)
  • ‘Remington date codes on Parker guns’ by Charlie Price
  • ‘From my scrapbook’ by Robert S. Harris
  • ‘My Own Ithaca’ by Sonny Fulks (Flues Model 4E)
  • ‘The Pioneers’ Shotgun, The N.R. Davis Pinfire’ by Charles E. Carder

Autumn 1994 (Digital) Vol.5

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