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  • ‘The new bismuth non-toxic shot’ by Ron Forsyth
  • ‘The life, times and rebirth of Greener Empire gun no.63419’ by Eric Levy
  • ‘The Sterling love affair’ by Tom Kidd ( A rare factory upgrade of a Fox Sterlingworth)
  • ‘Under the hammer’ by Douglas Tate
  • ‘Gun review: Merkel 147E’ by Larry Brown
  • ‘A note on shotshells’ by William M. Furnish
  • ‘Black powder and smokeless, damascus and steel’ by John Brindle
  • ‘The drilling’ by Fredrik Franzén (Triebel, Otto Bock, Imman Meffert, Blitz, Funk, Reep, Nimrod, Collath)
  • ‘They called him “Charley Boswell” by David J. Baker (British gunmaker Charles Boswell)
  • ‘Preparing for Europe’ by Donald R. Whittaker (pigeon shooting)
  • ‘Western Arms Corporation’s Long Range Double’ by Walter C. Snyder
  • ‘Book review. (Birds on the Horizon - Stuart Williams)’ by Bill Baines
  • ‘German ingenuity’ by Bill Dowtin (J.P. Sauer, Charles Daly)
  • ‘Jewels of the stone age’ by Michael McIntosh & William W. Headrick (Flintlock, Manton, Probin, Johan Eitel, B&J Cooper, Joseph Richards, Beckwith, Westley Richards)     
  • ‘The Parker brothers 18-bore’ by Keith Kearcher (Parker, Browning)
  • ‘Hard to hit’ by Robin Lacy
  • ‘Those wonderful black powder double rifles’ by John Curnow (George Gibbs, Joseph Needham, Holland & Holland, Alexander Henry)
  • ‘Sideplate Lefevers by Ithaca’ by Buck Hamlin
  • ‘Browsing’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (James Bryce, Bernard & Bousaart, W.W. Greener, Charles Lancaster, James Dalziel Dougall, W.G. Rawbone, Thomas Horsley, W. Golden, John Dickson & Son, Holland & Holland)  
  • ‘Remington double shotgun marking’ by Charles Semmer

Autumn 1993 (Digital) Vol.4

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