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  • ‘Environmental Ethics’ by John Russell
  • ‘L.C. Smith Sousa Grade?’ by Bill Brophy
  • ‘Fox Offerings, Part I’ by Tom Kidd (Fox gun grades)
  • ‘Imagine’ by F.L. Post (poem)
  • ‘The hobo and me’ by Randy Lawrence (hunting woodcock)
  • ‘A special kind of gun’ by Don Hardin (Parker 20 gauge)
  • ‘Capital gunmakers’ by Geoffrey Boothroyd (Edinburgh-made guns, Innes, James Wallace, Thompson, John Dickson, Harkon, Bryce, Laing, McLaughlan, Pratt, Daniel Fraser, Alexander Henry, MacNaughton)
  • ‘The Aubrey’ by Charles E. Carder
  • ‘Sam Temple and the old game-warden’ by Michael McIntosh
  • ’They don’t all cost a fortune’ by Larry Brown (Winchester, Browning, Ithaca, SKB, Bernardelli, Hatfield, Darne, Merkel, Sauer)
  • ‘Details of a Darne’ by Robert Fallert
  • ‘L.C.’s Best’ by Dave Anderson (1892 A-2)
  • ‘A very special Parker’ by Dave Wheeler (A-1 Special, 1915)
  • ‘My good friend Roger’ by David Baker (Roger Barlow, Lang, Dickson, Purdey, Famars)
  • ‘Remington Pigeon Guns’ by Charles Semmer
  • ‘The Ithaca Baker’ by Walter C. Snyder (the ‘birth gun’ of the Ithaca Gun Company c.1884)
  • ‘Scottish Grouse’ by Randy Willard
  • ‘Purdey of the North’ by Douglas Tate (William Rochester Pape gunmaker of Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • ‘No "Odd Duck": The Winchester Model 21’ by Bill Baines
  • ‘Thoughts on Lefevers’ by Bob Elliott
  • ‘Those little clay birds’ by Joseph Murphy (poem)
  • ‘The Shot Column’ (Green shells and blue feathers) by John R. Smestad (Stevens Model 311 Springfield)
  • ‘The Second Rarest Parker by Wm. C. Schodlatz (8 bore D.H. with Titanic barrels of 1912)
  • ‘Game Bag and Gun’ (Readers’ letters).

Autumn 1990 (Digital) Vol.1

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