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  • ‘Remembering Michael McIntosh 1945 - 2010’ by Vic Venters
  • ‘Fratelli Rizzini: R1 Safari double rifle by Peter Matthias
  • ’T.J. Bovy and E. Schmidt & Habermann’ by Jan Nilsson
  • ‘Harrington & Richardson's Best’ by Brad Bachelder
  • ‘The Resurrection of a Miniature Farquharson’ by Ross Seyfried (Gibbs)
  • ‘John Wilkes: Gun and Rifle Makers’ by Stephen Grist, (Hodges, Dougall, Kell)
  • Loading the oddball metrics & others’ by J. C. Munnell (Sarasquetta, G. Guntermann)
  • ‘Ogden Smith's & Hussey Ltd’ by John Newton (Lang)
  • ‘The Robert E. Peary gun’ by Tom Archer & Terry AlIen (L.C. Smith 5E )
  • ‘Pine Hill plantation’ by Robert Matthews & Terry AlIen
  • ‘British guns & sporting rifles, Quarter pounders’ by Sherman Bell ( 4-gauge W. & C. Scott, Army & Navy, Cogswell & Harrison, Westley Richards)
  • ‘How to identify & describe fences’ by Jack Rowe (J.J. Langley, W. & C. Scott, Westley Richards, Purdey, Webley)
  • ‘Merkel 200 series over & under shotguns’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘To The Editor of The Field - The Sable Antelope pt.12’ by Ross Seyfried

Autumn 2010 (Print) Vol.21



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