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Meet Daniel & Joanna


~ To All Our Faithful Readers ~
We Regret To Have To Make The Following Announcement

Since 1989 we have striven to produce a journal of the highest quality. However it is with much regret that due to inflated material and labor costs, and diminishing interest in classic guns, we are forced to discontinue The Double Gun Journal. We had sincerely hoped that we could keep going and at least finish this year out; however we can’t go on. We feel so badly that we are letting you all down, but we are not able to financially continue…For the past several years we have been operating at a loss. We now realize that at our age, the demands of a quarterly publication have come to be too much for us.

The young people of today are not nearly so interested in classic guns and subsequently many of our older collectors, with no one to leave their guns to, are forced to sell their collections to get their estates in order. Although it is indeed time for us to step aside, we truly hope that someone will see this adversity as an opportunity to take over the publishing of The Double Gun Journal.

Many of you have extended your subscriptions in advance for future issues, and we trust that you will allow us to repay our debt to you with our products; however if you renewed on or after July 5th, you have not been charged.
We can offer back issues to those who would like to complete their collections or perhaps gift them to someone very special. Also we have many other products available, all of which are listed on the order form sent by post to print subscriber already. They are also detailed in your Spring 2022 issue on the pages designated.

Going forward, we will be devoting our full time to completing our Index & Reader Volume III, which we hope to have available by Christmas 2023. After this, we plan to publish more unique books of firearms.
If you are a print subscriber, you should already have had detailed information on the credit due to you and your expiration date in your mail.


This website will continue to allow for back issues and products sales. More books, shooting products as well as indexes and readers will be made available in the near future.

Thank you for understanding and for your support over the years.

Daniel & Joanna. 


Back Issues (print or digital), books, & products

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With special thanks to Col. Mahboob Khan of Pakistan for the use of his superb photographs.  



"I own a few 19th century shotguns which I use for clays normally. The Double Gun Journal is also fascinated with the story of old guns and its articles tell the history of the makers, owners and performance of these classic and often highly usable guns. I've never found any other gun magazine as good as this one for my interests."

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