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  • ‘Our national game-bird, Quail’ by Charles D. Lanier (1895)
  • ‘A tribute to Bill Wise, 1938 - 2007’
  • ‘British Gun Auctions - pt. 9’ by Diggory Hadoke (large number of named British makes)
  • ‘The elusive A Grades’ by Bruce W. Foster
  • ‘And they made double rifles - pt. 2’ by Colin McLagan (Browning Superposed, Winchester Model 101, Centennial)
  • ‘British sporting guns & rifles - pt. 19, more real muzzleloaders’ by Sherman Bell (Parker, Field & Sons, Trulock & son, John Dickson & son, Blanch & Son)
  • ‘In the land of Fire And Ice’ by Dr. Lloyd Newberry (L.C. Smith Ideal grade)
  • ‘A rifle beyond belief’ by Ross Seyfried (Marlin, Caspar Schaller of Suhl)
  • ‘F. L. Brooks and his A1 Specials’ by Jim Hall
  • ‘W. J. Jeffery - a la carte!’ by Colin M. MacKinnon (John Saunders of Birmingham)
  • ‘My favorite Browning Superposed’ by Nick Hahn
  • ‘Progressive Cut’ by Frank Findlow (Alexander Henry, Thomas Turner
  • ‘A poor man's Holland & Holland’ by Vincent Tomaselli (Badminton, Dominion)
  • ‘Some things of value’ by Phillip D. Yearout (J. Stevens .410 gauge, Fox Model B,
  • ‘To The Editor Of The Field, The Brindled and Nyassaland Gnu’ by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘The Loon Lake Club’

Winter 2007 (Digital) Vol.18

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