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  • ‘In The Land Of Pleasant Remembrances’ by Wayne Capooth, M.D.
  • ‘Boxlocks: Above & Beyond’ by Ross Seyfried (Rifles by Hoffman of Ardmore, Oklahoma, & Daniel Fraser & Co.)
  • ‘The Action and Artistry of the Pinfire ~ Part 1, The Actions’ by Fred Stutzenberger (Lefaucheaux, E.C. Hodges, Lang, Greener, W&C Scott, Beringer, Dougall, Pape, Horsley, Purdey, Ingram, Needham, Henry Jones lever, Edmund Pope)
  • ‘One Special Duck Gun: Ithaca’s NID Super 10 ~ Part 2’ by Frank J. Srebro
  • ‘Lt. Commander James K. Averill’s Parker’ by Steve Cambria (1934 GHE boxlock)
  • ‘A 10-Bore Worth “Jonesing” For’ by John Campbell II (W.P. Lester)
  • ‘ British Guns & Sporting Rifles ~ Part 29, Scottish Best’ by Sherman Bell (Alexander Henry, J.D. Dougall, Daniel Fraser)
  • ‘The L.C. Smith “Farm Implement” Grades’ by Drew Hause & James Stubbendieck
  • ‘The long and the short of it’ by Nick Hahn (barrel lengths)
  • ‘To the Editor Of The Field ~ Part 22, the Lechwe antelope’ by Ross Seyfried

Summer 2014 (Digital) Vol.25

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