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  • ‘British Doubles from A -Z - part 18’ by Sherman Bell (Rigby, Pape, W.J. Jeffery, Alexander Henry, Westley Richards)
  • ‘Uncle Wallace’s Ithaca’ Walter C. Snyder (Quality D, 1901)
  • ‘A Baker and an L.C. Smith’ by Russ Hovencamp (Baker Model 1897, L.C. Smith 00 Grade shotgun)
  • ‘A Purdey flintlock rifle?’ by Donald Dallas
  • ‘High on the Wild - Red stag in the Argentine Andes’ by Stuart W. Williams (Merkel double rifle .375 H&H)
  • ‘Making the grade: Parker - America’s best’ by Robert J. Faddis (Top action Grade 1 hammer gun, VH VHE, Trojan, PH Grade 1, GH Grade 2, CHE Grade4, Dh grade 3, etc.)
  • ‘A “Selous” rifle goes home to Bechuanaland - .461 Gibbs-Metford’  by Ross Seyfried
  • ‘Beretta’s triumphant new “SO shotgun - a perfect “10” ’ by Michael G. Sabbeth
  • ‘Case in point’ William W. Headrick (Fox 20 gauge)
  • ‘The Syracuse Arms Co. - part 6, The Grade B’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen
  • ‘J.P. Sauer & Sohn - part 4’ by Jeff Stephens
  • ‘Antique English cartridge loading tools - part 2’ by Andrew Iosson

Summer 2004 (Digital) Vol.15

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