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Memoirs from the gun room’ by by Daniel Côté

‘Frederick Beesley: the life, the guns and the inventions’ by John Campbell

‘Every Single One’ by Frank Srebro (A.H. Fox ‘Superfox’ restoration )

‘The Continentals and a cannon’ by Ross Seyfried (Robert Ancell-Leue & Timpe 16 pinfire, Miller & Val. Greiss 16, Lindner Diamond 10, and Emil Kerner 12 ejector)

‘The unlocked treasure of Parker Brothers’ A.W. du Bray Pt 2’ by Steve Cambria

‘British gun and sporting rifles - Pt 37’ by Sherman Bell (Linsley Brothers, S.M. Patrick, William Richard Leeson and William Sumners & Son of Liverpool)

‘Remington Model 1894 7E grade 12 gauge’ by Terry Deem;

‘History of O. Geyger & Co. Berlin – Waffenfabrik - Pt1’ by Dr.Karsten Eden

‘An L.C. Smith A-3 20 bore, part 2’ by Tom Archer and Terry Allen

‘A. Hollis double rifles & the Leonard connection pt1’ by R. Nolan Keiler

‘Thomas Fletcher, 42 Poultry, London’  by Dr. John Newton (12 bore pinfire)

Remembering S.P. Fjestad by Lisa Beuning

Autumn 2019 (Print) Vol.30



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