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  • ‘Hitting a grouse’ by William Harnden Foster
  • ‘James B. Warrilow, Chippenham, Wiltshire’ by Dr. John Newton (Bonehill)
  • Historic Boss gun (1894) owned by the last Tsar of Russia by Andrew Orr (Holt)
  • ‘Gebrüder Merkel - Part 2’ by Fredrik Franzén
  • ‘Simply Divine: The A. H. Fox "DE" Grade’ by Craig Larter
  • ‘A New Orleans survivor’ by Bill Schodlatz (CHE Parker)
  • ‘Money guns’ by Ross Seyfried (R.Jackson, BSA Martini, Vogelbusche Snider action rifle)
  • ‘The Parker guns of Clyde C. Mitchell’ by Art Wheaton (BHE, SC, VHE)
  • ‘British guns & sporting rifles - Part 24’ by Sherman Bell (Daniel Fraser, Farquharson .375 Magnum, Holland & Holland .375, W&C Scott,
  • ‘In Celebration: Hughston McBain's Winchester Model 21’ by Tom Archer & Terry Allen
  • ‘Reloading for a Bergstutzen’ by J. C. Munnell (Merkel)
  • ‘An Ithaca gun mystery’ by Wa!ter C. Snyder (Ithaca Crass)
  • ‘A Buckley returns to the firing line’ by John Campbell (Westley Richards)
  • ‘The "Baby Frame" .410 Superposed’ by Nick Hahn (Browning)

Autumn 2011 (Print) Vol.22



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